[Opinion] Its High Time ….

The recent spate of cyber-attacks has served as an eye-opener for many organizations and individuals. Organizations that were using unpatched software had no security teams, no incident response policy, and procedures, etc. clearly were the ones who had to bear the maximum brunt of such attacks. There were many who did not get affected as they took the right steps at the right time and gave due importance to security and security teams in their organization. Lots of points mentioned below have been long debated in organizations. But it’s high time that they are taken seriously and religiously implemented. CISO/CSO should be a part of Board Meetings In most organizations, security is still considered an IT job. The CSO reports to either the CIO or admin's head or some senior business person. The organizations mostly appoint a CSO just to ensure that regulatory compliance (in some countries) is taken care of. They are really not interested in consid

How to Pass the CISSP Exam in First Attempt

You may read multiple posts on various blogs and websites where you are given tips as to how to pass the exam in the first go, refer to which books, and solve which questions. In this blog post, I’m not going to bombard you with those details. Instead, I’m going to share my journey and experience from preparing to passing the CISSP exam on the first attempt. What is CISSP? CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. Congratulations and all the very best to you, if you have decided to opt for the Gold Standard Certification. The exam is offered by ISC2 and contains around 250 questions. You have to book an appointment for the CISSP exam through the ISC2 website where you are then redirected to a Pearson Vue website when you register for the exam. The exam costs around 599 USD. Phase 1: Deciding It is very important for you to finalize which certification you want to do. Try to research the pros and cons of a certification

Quick Tips for CISSP Exam

Let me say “All the best” to you, before I start giving you tips for the CISSP exam. These tips are not mandatory to follow, but will surely help you manage and crack the exam. CISSP is a six-hour long exam that contains 250 questions. The majority of these questions are multiple-choice questions. There are a few drag-and-drop types and a few Hotspot questions asked in the exam. You have to schedule an exam through (ISC) 2  website which further takes you to book the exam at the Pearson Vue website. Reach the exam center approximately 45 minutes in advance before your scheduled time. This will help you to settle down. Start early so as to reach early rather than waiting on the way and thinking whether you will reach on time or not. When you reach the Pearson Vue center, you will be given a set of instructions to read. These instructions are different from the NDA to be signed for the CISSP exam. In case you have any queries regarding the instructions, feel free t