Learning Security with Mayur Podcast Series 

This is a fortnightly podcast series focussed on understanding the various topics of information security. This will be geared towards the SSCP, CISSP and CCSP exam course structure and the various upcoming security technologies. These will be hosted on Google Drive as of now and will be downloadable to play on any platform of your liking.

The topics will be divided into various episodes. Each episode will cover a particular topic or topics details to which be mentioned in a small brief. Let's begin this new journey together.

Additionally, "cybersecurity awareness" podcast seasons will be launched where all cybersecurity awareness series will be made available.

More Updates on this soon.................

Episode 1: Coming Soon!!


Cyber Security Awareness Podcast [ Season 1*]

Episode 1: The Other Side - Listen to this heart-wrenching story of a teenager who bows down in the pressure of cyberbullying. It's time we come together to spread awareness about this menace.

Episode 2: The Fault In Our Code - Everything around us is now controlled and delivered through software around us, be it the electricity from the national grid or the television series which you binge-watch... This story is what happens when there is a fault in our code.

Episode 3: I Will Always Remember You - A cool story on how you may forget about what you said, but the internet will never forget that.

Episode 4: Your Credentials, Your Identity - While we have been always taught that sharing is caring, but does it hold true in the cyberspace and that too with your passwords?

Episode 5: When George Got Whaled - A whale in the cyberspace can hit you really hard... But what is a whale in the cyberspace?

*Season 1 will be made available soon...



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