Improve Your Knowledge of Cybersecurity with Free Flash Cards !! [Launch in January 2023]

I remember the time when I was preparing for my certification exams ( SSCP & CISSP) and more recently for CCSP, I used a technique that is quite common amongst those who are preparing for the exams. Flash cards are an essential way to revise the various exam concepts at any point in time - you have started preparing or want to revise or brush up before D-Day.

Flash Cards are available in multiple forms and the best one is that you prepare yourself for your own consumption, I have created what worked for me. The term and its complete definition helped me a lot during the exam as the words were very clear in my mind.

Here are specific samples for your consumption, however, these will be available exclusively as of now only on INSTAGRAM from January 2023. You can follow me there for updates. The flashcards will be posted twice a week as posts. 

The first image is the term and the second image is the definition of the term. This will help you quickly remember the concept associated with it. I have chosen a very calm background to help you focus on the term. This is in line with the (ISC)2 flashcards that they have prepared.

Let me know what various other resources you are looking for for your consumption in the comments section below.


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