YouTube Channel (Re)Launch

It has been a journey with multiple ups and downs for me. I started this blog 5 years ago, (time flies! you know) and around some time in 2018, I decided on a YouTube Channel. I uploaded some videos and it received a very tepid response. I uploaded a few more videos and waited and I still did not see much change. However, at that time, I committed a big mistake. I stopped and in a way, I quit. That is a lesson for everyone out there. Don’t quit. It takes time, but be there and work on it. Improve yourself and you will see one day that all the hard work you have done will surely result in something worthwhile.

I have been working on some personal projects for quite some time now and a lot of them are ready to be launched or I should say in some cases relaunched. Well, the YouTube Channel definitely falls under the second category. 

What is this Channel about?

This channel is about understanding security concepts in a simple manner. This deals with various domains of CISSP / SSCP and the various industry standard frameworks. All this material is available on the Internet today, however, this will be a one-stop shop for all your security knowledge.

The top YouTube Channels on information/cyber security are all focused on malware/penetration testing/red teaming/blue teaming etc. My channel does not cover these aspects. It deals with security basics to IAM, cryptography to SDLC, and common criteria to the CPTED approach. The idea is to equip a security professional with knowledge so that he/she can enter the cybersecurity field with confidence.

When we hear about cybersecurity, the first term that comes to our minds is a hacker. However, cybersecurity is as deep as the ocean and as wide as the equator. So come and explore the various nuances of cybersecurity with me and let's learn and grow together in this field.

So what’s new this time? 

Consider this fact, if you are watching an educational video, your “span of attention” is around 7-15min. This has further reduced over time in the age of TikTok. So while long videos may be good for entertainment, it’s nano/micro-videos that would register in your mind and have the maximum impact.

Another interesting fact that I found in my research was, that a student learns a single concept in a much better manner rather than when bombarded with multiple concepts at once. A video that covers multiple topics in one go is hardly going to be useful from a retention span perspective.

Armed with these research facts, I decided to create videos that help you gain the maximum from the time you invest in watching. 

Here are a few aspects of the new Channel.

  1. Extensive coverage of a single concept or related concepts in a video.

  2. Nano Videos spanning a maximum of 8-10 mins.

  3. Topics are broken into various episodes.

  4. New videos every week ( Initially 1 video per week).

  5. Limited Series on Complex Cybersecurity topics ( coming next year).

  6. Simplified Explanation with diagrams.

  7. Coverage of all domains of SSCP/CISSP/CISA/CISM etc.

  8. Exam Tips in every video.

Five new episodes will be available from 5th October 2022 with one video per week going live. I have also created a new page - YouTube Channel where the details of upcoming episodes will be published shortly along with the details of the live ones. 

I look forward to your support/ suggestions/ feedback and comments to further improve the content and help you in your journey in learning and mastering cybersecurity. One thing that I can promise this time is that I would not quit.

Happy Learning and Lots of success!


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