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Improve Your Knowledge of Cybersecurity with Free Flash Cards !! [Launch in January 2023]

I remember the time when I was preparing for my certification exams ( SSCP & CISSP) and more recently for CCSP, I used a technique that is quite common amongst those who are preparing for the exams. Flash cards are an essential way to revise the various exam concepts at any point in time - you have started preparing or want to revise or brush up before D-Day. Flash Cards are available in multiple forms and the best one is that you prepare yourself for your own consumption, I have created what worked for me. The term and its complete definition helped me a lot during the exam as the words were very clear in my mind. Here are specific samples for your consumption, however, these will be available exclusively as of now only on INSTAGRAM from January 2023. You can follow me there for updates. The flashcards will be posted twice a week as posts.   The first image is the term and the second image is the definition of the term. This will help you quickly remember the concept associated

Festive Greetings

Dear Readers, Wishing you and your family, a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year. May all your wishes come true and May God bless you !!! Keep reading, Keep Learning and Keep yourself cyber-safe!

YouTube Channel (Re)Launch

It has been a journey with multiple ups and downs for me. I started this blog 5 years ago, (time flies! you know) and around some time in 2018, I decided on a YouTube Channel. I uploaded some videos and it received a very tepid response. I uploaded a few more videos and waited and I still did not see much change. However, at that time, I committed a big mistake. I stopped and in a way, I quit. That is a lesson for everyone out there. Don’t quit. It takes time, but be there and work on it. Improve yourself and you will see one day that all the hard work you have done will surely result in something worthwhile. I have been working on some personal projects for quite some time now and a lot of them are ready to be launched or I should say in some cases relaunched. Well, the YouTube Channel definitely falls under the second category.  What is this Channel about? This channel is about understanding security concepts in a simple manner. This deals with various domains of CISSP / SSCP and the

The must-have skills for cybersecurity aren't the ones you think!!

What comes to your mind when you think of information security? If you watch a lot of movies, especially the ones involving the CIA, you would imagine a nerd in a basement trying to hack into the world’s most secure places with no life other than that. When it comes to the office, you imagine him to be a nerd ( again!! probably), sitting in one corner trying to protect your corporate infrastructure.  Information security only gets associated with technical stuff such as firewalls, passwords, encryption, and most importantly hacking. Look at most of the job descriptions, and they will always mention the same. A search on the “top skills a cybersecurity leader should have”, results in Simplilearn telling us about network security, cloud security, virtual machines, coding, etc.  These are important parameters but are just a small part of the skillset of information security professional. The MOST and I repeat, the MOST important skill a cybersecurity leader needs is the art of articulatio

Security Policy – How to write one?

  Consider you are a security expert employed by: 1) A big entertainment company, OR 2) Product Company, OR 3) Manufacturing company.  And you have been asked to create the security policy for the organization. How would you go about creating one? While the simplest way would be to Google examples of the security policy and copy, paste, and create one. If you have that in mind, you can skip reading this post. However, if you are looking to create a custom security policy that caters to your organization, you are in the right place. Before we start jumping on how to create a security policy, we must understand what is a policy. Wiki defines a policy as “A policy is a statement of intent and is implemented as a procedure or protocol.” Safeopedia explains it as “Policies are rules, principles, guidelines or frameworks that are adopted or designed by an organization to achieve long-term goals. Policies are formulated to direct and exert influence on all the major decisions to be mad