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Holy Grail of Cryptography - Homomorphic Encryption

What if it is possible to analyze or manipulate encrypted data without revealing the data to anyone? Make an encrypted search query to a search engine and the results come back in an encrypted form, payment data never decrypted, and still, transactions take place, & your PII even though processed by a third party but in an encrypted form, never to be seen by anyone but you!! I know you are intrigued and I have caught your attention. So let's explore this in detail. Before we delve into this exciting space, we must brush up on our basics (not everyone is as smart as you!). Encryption is a process where you convert plain text (readable) into a garbled language (unreadable) to ensure confidentiality. If a person wants to read it, he has to know the magic key ( Symmetric-key / Public-private Key). The idea here is that you ensure that the data is secured when sent across or when stored at rest. All sounds hunky-dory, right? While modern encryption algorithms are virtually unbreakab