New Year Greetings

Dear Reader,
Wishing you a very happy and a prosperous new year. While the beginning always calls for new resolutions, I firmly believe that any day is a good day for making a resolution or setting up a new goal for yourself if you truly mean it. Well, many of us, however, take up lofty goals and end up getting disappointed in the end.

"I will score a GPA of 9+ this year" or " I will become the best blogger in 1 year" etc.. - the list is endless if you think. While making goals is a good thing, the problem with such statements is that its output oriented. You focus so much on the end result that in some time you start feeling pressurised and you leave it altogether.

It's time to change this approach. Hence, you can decide to be just consistent and input-oriented. Instead of just making a new year resolution - " I will clear the CISSP exam in March 2020", change it to " I will study for 2 hours every day for the CISSP exam." You will find that the change is dramatic. From focussing on being the top blogger, focus on writing consistently and helping people. Making this change will help you feel good and less pressurised. Your goal will be an achievable one where you just need to study for 2 hours every day or say 4 hours on weekends ( for working moms and dads). If you miss a week, you can aim to make up in the next week. Small achievements give you more satisfaction and takes off the pressure.

The beginning is half done and if you truly make up your mind for something, you are bound to achieve it. We all face problems that are unique to only us, but if we look at the positive side of that problem, it can serve as the best learning life can teach us.

With this, I wish you joy, happiness and power to fight all your problems in the new year.

Have a blessed 2020 !!!


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