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Practice Exams Now Available on Simpliv

Dear Readers, Your love and support are what drives me to move forward and find new ways to make this blog more engaging for you. As a constant endeavor to help you with the preparation of the certifications such as SSCP, CISSP, CompTIA Security +, CCSP, etc. I have now collaborated with Simpliv.  For those who are unaware, Simpliv is a global online learning marketplace similar to  Udemy. Simpliv believes that learning has no boundaries. It brings learning to any person who wants to learn, whether it is management, technology, life sciences or any other subject of interest. A belief which I share with Simpliv that lead me to choose them for launching my courses on this platform too. Currently, only 1 course on SSCP is live now on the platform. However, around 7-8 courses will be launching in a few weeks time. [ This post will be updated with links of new courses]. Sharing the link for the course.

Network Segmentation and Segregation

The Recipe is simple. Setup a network. Add a bit of internet to the mix. To improve the taste, add firewalls, IDS, IPS, and some monitoring programs. It's time to divide the network so that it can be served as per the requirements of the guests. Segment one part while segregating the other. Viola… The dish is ready to be served. Well, the dish cannot be served unless and until we learn the differences between network segmentation and segregation. I find them confusing and maybe you would do it. If you do, let’s finish this confusion once and for all through this blog post. I would like to approach this through layman terms rather than confusing myself with all sorts of fancy terms and technologies. If you look at a hotel on a whole, it’s a big building. Now no one person would like to book the entire building completely. So in order to maximize the revenue, the hotel person segments or in a way divides this complete hotel into various smaller portions called rooms. These ro