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Understanding NAT – Network Address Translation

If you would like to send a letter to me, what would be the most important aspect for you to send it across? My address. If you would have observed, we usually write the address in a certain format – building number, followed by area, city, state and then the pin code. Why do we do that? To avoid confusion. In a similar fashion, computers when they need to talk to each other, need to use the addresses. The Internet uses the IP addressing scheme, through which each computer on the Internet is assigned an IP address and that can be used for communication. Now think, how would you communicate if these addresses go missing? Read on to find out. A long time ago, when the Internet came into existence, the concept of IP addresses came to life. This was called the IPv4 addressing scheme. This scheme involved the addresses being recorded as say, for example, So every computer on the Internet got one such address. Over time, with the population explosion, the number of com