Blog Updates for the Reader

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Your love and affection have helped me to continuously improve myself and write about information security both in general and related to the CISSP and SSCP exams. I have been thinking about the future course of this blog and based on analysis of the previously published blog posts and reader’s feedback through various channels, going forward, the blog would be segregated into the following major categories.

1. Opinion – This would be a column where I would be sharing my viewpoints and giving relevant examples.

2. Technology/ Cybersecurity Series – This would be 3/5-part series on upcoming technologies, and process improvements to help you understand the technology/process in a simple manner and then instigate you to think about security concerns in those topics.

3. Exam-Related Updates / Course Content – All details about the exam updates/happenings and the entire course material of the SSCP & CISSP exam will be posted on the blog. 

4. Video Courses – The Video Courses of various exams will be posted on the YouTube Channel and the blog.

In addition to this, there may be general articles on various trending security happenings occasionally.

I request your cooperation and utmost support to help me improve this blog so that I can present you with security-related stuff in an easy, engaging, and simple format. Your comments and feedback are highly valuable to me. Share your ideas, opinions, or suggestions in the comments section below.

Thank you once again to all the readers around the world. Keep reading and sharing :)


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