Take Control of Your Data – Part 1

This 3 part series is focused on helping you identify the data which the commonly used services capture and how can we either delete or minimize the data which they capture. This article focusses on Google Maps. Through this article, I would explain you about the data which Google Maps collects about you, the time lines, the settings and other options which will help you minimize your exposure. 

Do you know Google Maps has records of your travel since 2009? Do you know that the location history can be turned off? If you would like to take control of your data, read on. 

To check what Google Maps stores about you, go to the following link - https://www.google.com/maps/timeline?pb

1. You’ll be able to see your timeline at the top left. If you click on today, you be able to check your today’s history. You can also check your travel records by changing the date and time. The red portions show where you have visited frequently over time.

2. A good decision would be to delete your location history as it helps in minimizing the data exposure in case this information is shared with any third party either by Google or accidentally by you by providing permission to any third party applications. In order to delete this data, head over to the delete button. The delete button is present in the bottom corner, near the Map/ Satellite link. 

3. This is a big decision time for you now. You have to decide whether you really want to delete the entire history or not. If deleted, you will not be able to recover the data. 

4. If you have deleted the data, take note that no app or Google will be able to provide you the best experience, as they always claim. Nevertheless, the work is still left. We now need to pause the location history collected by Google. By default, the location history is always ON. You can check your current setting on the timeline page in the bottom left corner. Click on “Manage Location History”.

5.If you want to pause the location history, you’ll receive a pop up like below. Again, if you pause the history, there would be a lot in the world that you would have to forgo. 😉

6. There is also a guideline from Google on how to delete your location history.

I hope this article helped you. If yes , why not share the knowledge? 

What do you think about data storage by tech companies around the world? Don't you think its time to take control of your data ?

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  1. Very useful piece of information.. thanks for sharing..

  2. Very useful piece of information.. thanks for sharing..


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