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[CyberSecurity Awareness Series] The Other Side

The body did not move when touched. The police carefully placed the body on the floor after it was found hanging from the fan. There was a suicide note which gave detailed reasons as to why Siddharth (popularly known as Sid) had to take this extreme step. Sid’s mother was in a mental shock after reading the letter. She gave the letter to her husband who read it afterward. He could not believe what was written in that letter. The police officials asked the parents if they had noticed any change in Sid’s behavior over the last month. Well, they could have answered it only if they spent time with him. Sid’s parents were working as senior managers in MNCs. They tried to spend time with him sometimes, but work pressures and delivery timelines always kept them busy. Well, at least they did not disappoint Sid with the gifts he wanted. This time too, Sid got what he had demanded. The police officials confirmed that they would investigate what was written in the letter, but everyone k

[Security Awareness Poster] Think Before You Post On Social Media

What are your thoughts on sharing personal information on social media? Share your comments in the comments section below. Download the poster for FREE from the downloads section.

[CyberSecurity Awareness Series] The Whistle Man

It was as if a shadow was moving around trying to slip inside. It was early morning and the person knew that this was the right time to sneak inside as if he was aware that the whistle man would not have arrived by that time. The person had a mission to accomplish and no one could come in the way. The shadow moved subtly inside the work area, opened the bag and pulled out a small crude looking box. The hands trembled initially, but instantly, a burst of anger came back and the box was placed in one of the open drawers. It was time to slip outside for the deed had been done. --------- Akriti gave an indicator to turn right into the campus of “ILoveITSoultions”. She parked her car, took her bag from the back seat of the car and moved to enter the campus. As she was about to enter the location’s door, a usual high pitched sound of a whistle tore through the otherwise calm surroundings. She knew instantly what the fuss was all about, yet Akriti attempted to move inside. An ol

10000 views , Google Plus Collection, New Downloads Section and Much More

Thank you for all the love and support which this blog has received from all the readers around the world. This blog has crossed a total of 10,000+ views in a short time all because of you - the readers . On this occasion, I m delighted to share the Google Plus collection Page which has been created to share the articles and latest updates with you. I would love if you would follow, +1 and share it extensively so that the love spreads further. There is also a Downloads section now where I would be sharing free resources such as security awareness posters, templates, case studies and detailed articles for your perusal.  Stay Tuned for exciting stuff which will be posted on the blog and YouTube channel in some time. Happy Reading.

[Cyber-Security Awareness Series] The Fault In Our Code

Today was no different. Malvika got up in the morning, as usual, took a bath, got ready for office, packed her lunch and stepped out. However, Malvika had never imagined that her life would completely change when she stepped out from her home today.  Malvika was a regular employee in the firm “ILoveITSoultions” with around 5+ years of experience. In fact, even though her experience was quite less in comparison to other developers, yet she was the go-getter which everyone went to for solutions. Having done her bachelors in engineering in the field of computers from a well-known college, Malvika had joined the firm in 2013 and had been the star performer ever since. Her claim to fame was around 2 years back when “ILoveITSoultions” bagged the prestigious multi-million-dollar project of digitizing the “BankWithUs” bank.  The project was a difficult one from the start. “BankWithUs” wanted to get digitized in an extremely short period of time of around 4 months. It had legacy s

[CyberSecurity Awareness Series] I Will Always Remember You

Have you ever longed for a friend or a partner who remembers you always? Even though you forget him/her, he/she always remember you. If yes, this story is surely worth your time. Well, this is a story of two individuals where one never forgets the other. Disappointing as it may be for some, however, this is not a love story, but nevertheless, it is no less than a love story. Let’s name these individuals – A and B. The identity of these entities will be revealed in the end. A met B sometime late in August last year. The moment A laid eyes on B, it was clear that this is the one. While A was hesitant in approaching B, it decided to give B a try. Both met each other and both felt that they had struck the right cord at that time. A and B had understood that they were made for each other. They started spending time with each other. Whatever be the case A always decided to connect with B for any work. Day or Night, A and B were always with each other. Their friendship had g