Launch of SSCP Video Course on YouTube Channel "Learning Security with Mayur"

When I started preparing for "Systems Security Certified Practitioner" certification offered by (ISC)2, there was hardly any free video course material available on the internet for this exam. Even today when you try to find some course material on this exam, you end up either paying heavily on some website(s) or finding video lectures which are extremely outdated.

Hence, as promised earlier, I launch the SSCP video course on my YouTube channel "Learning Security with Mayur". I request you to share, comment, like and subscribe to it.

The videos will also be available on the blog with additional description and pointers. Posts on the topics described in the videos will also be available on the blog. 

Salient Features of this Course :

1. It’s FREE. Yes, it’s absolutely FREE. 
2. I have covered the entire course content in a detailed manner. (all domains)
3. I have provided an exam perspective at the end of every video. Having given the SSCP exam, it feels great to share my own experience.
4. Analogies and Real life examples to help you explain the concepts in a really simple manner.
5. Up to Date content.

(The entire course will be available in some time.)

In case you want certain specific topics to be included or explained in detail, comment on the video(s) so that I can improve the content.

Looking forward to your love and support as always.

Happy Learning. 😊

Note: These videos are free ONLY for personal use. Connect with me for any kind of commercial usage in organizations or educational institutes.


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