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Launch of CISSP Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)

(ISC) ² has introduced Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) for all English CISSP exams worldwide beginning 19th Dec 2017. Important Points: 1.The exam outline remains the same. You do not need to change any reading or study material. 2.   The exam time has been halved. The exam is now 3 hours long and not 6 hours. 3.   No of questions have been reduced to 125 from 250. [ 25 questions are for research purposes. They will not be explicitly marked. ] 4. The CAT is only for English CISSP takers. No change in other languages. 5.   The exam cost (699 USD) and the retake policy remains the same. How will it work? Each candidate taking the CISSP exam will start with a question that is well below the passing standard. Based on your response, the scoring algorithm will present you with a more difficult question if you answered the previous question correctly or an easy questions if you answered the previous question incorrectly. The computer will try to judge yo