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What to expect in SSCP exam?

It’s the D-Day and you are ready for the exam. Days of hard work will now be put to test. You have prepared hard and are ready to take the exam. So what to expect in SSCP exam? Read on to find out. Quick Pointers: Check you have kept 2 identification cards. The ID cards must have a signature on them. One of them must be an address proof. You have the booking confirmation from Pearson Vue. Reach the center 30-40 minutes in advance. Attempt all questions. The wrong answers don’t count against you. Know Your Enemy SSCP is a 3-hour long exam offered by (ISC)2 . It has 125 questions which are based on 7 domains.  Following are the domains along with their weight: 1. Access Controls (16%) 2. Security Operations and Administration (17%) 3. Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis (12%) 4. Incident Response and Recovery (13%) 5. Cryptography (9%) 6. Network and Communications Security (16%) 7. Systems and Application Security (17%) Many peo

What to expect in CISSP exam?

It’s the D-Day and you are nervous… Your heart is beating fast or you are extremely calm. You are just having nice thoughts or extremely petrified as to what will happen in the exam. Everyone faces unique challenges in preparing for the exam. Now that you have done the preparation and revision and are ready to face the beast; read on to find out what ammunition you need to slay this beast…  Know Your Enemy Much is available on blogs and ISC2 website detailing what will be the CISSP exam all about. You will have 250 questions to be answered in 6 hours. Many argue that CISSP is not that tough as people portray it. It's only who has experienced this exam can share the real challenges of this exam.  So here are the real challenges which I faced: Vastness – It is rightly said “CISSP is an inch deep and mile wide” exam. The enormity of the domains and the material associated with is huge. But hey, you have already prepared and are appearing for the exam. So why to

How to Pass SSCP Exam in the First Attempt

Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) exam is offered by (ISC)2 . When I prepared for this exam, there was hardly any material for preparation or blog posts to help me understand the experience of this exam. In this blog post, I will try to explain to you how to study for this exam and the experience of this exam.  Before I begin, let me congratulate on your journey to becoming an SSCP. Although this certification may not be highly recognized as the CISSP certification, still it shows your employer and the world that you are really interested to pursue your career in this field. You become a practitioner in this field. What is SSCP? You would like to read CISSP vs SSCP in case you want to have a comparison between the exams. SSCP is a 3-hour long examination having 125 questions. You are required to score a minimum of 700 out of 1000. 25 questions are not graded as they are research oriented questions. It is important to note that since these questions are